Mount Mineral Music Festival


This years benefit will help to educate youth in Senegal & Gambia West Africa!

This is Makha from Senegal he is 7 years old and would like to become a singer!

  This is "Mama" from Senegal she is 5 years old and wants to become a painter! 

This is Anna From Gambia

 She excels in mathematics & is interested in accounting! 

Africa green energy project

Working hard to bring more sustainable energy to W.Africa...we are planting NON GMO seeds thru the Villages of West Africa, teaching about seed preservation  & are working to bring solar lights & chargers over. We also plan to create bike trails thru the Gambia for a healthy free mode of transportation..........we will accept monetary donations for this project as well as solar lights & chargers, & Organic NON GMO seeds (all fresh please)...Lets help make this world a better place! 

The youth of today are the future of tomorrow!

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~ Buy your tickets here - Adults: $20 - Kids age 11 - 18: $10 - Kids 10 and under free!